Aemilia Wonder
General Information
Age 14
Home Capitol
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon throwing knives
Fate Deceased
Appearences 398th annual Hunger Games

 Aemilia Wonder was the Capitol Female from LightStone123's 398th Annual Hunger Games . She was the district partner of Furcifer Soror. Overall, she placed  25th out of 32 tributes


Aemilia is full of adventure and relies on hope and faith to keep going. She has had a tough and painful life and always tries to be upbeat and happy but sometimes people notice something is wrong with her. She is a rebel by heart, and will never give up.


She has long blonde hair and looks mature for her age. She has tanned skin and large blue eyes and she is tall at 5'7 for her age.

Training ScoreEdit

399th annual hunger games: 5


During traning Aelia told Aemilia about her plans to escape the arena. During the games Aemilia survived the bloodbath by grabbing things from the outskirts away from violence. She left with no batlle wounds but was saddend by the loss of Nick (7) and it is hinted she had a crush on him. On the morning of day 2 she heard Nick's voice and followed it alone, to her horror it was a zombie mutt of Nick and he grabbed her and started eating her neck. She was soon discoverd by Aelia (0), a past friend who killed the mutt and was deeply saddened by her death 




Aelia FreedomeNick MaclachlanLyman Milton , & Stephen Star


Best friend: Aelia Freedome

Killed by: Nick Mutt


After her death Aelia was saddened and angered so she decided to attack and kill the careers.


The 398th Hunger Games
Victor Buck Rockwell
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