Alexandrite Bohamia
Edited lunaii 26
General Information
Age 16
Home District 13
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Bow & Arrows, Sword
Fate Deceased
Appearences 399th Hunger Games
Alexandrite Bohamia was the District 13 female from LightStone123's 399th Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Luxio Sertralium. Overall she placed 28th out of 32.


Alexandrite was pretty nice, the exact opposite of a Career. She was probably the nicest person you would ever meet.


Alexandrite had multicolored hair that contained some black, pink, white, and purple. She had maroon eyes, a pretty smile, and sometimes a small bow in her hair.

Training ScoreEdit

399th Hunger Games: 6


Alexandrite joined with the Anti-Careers during training. When the Games begun, she jumped into the water and began to swim towards the cornucopia. However, she struggled mightily to reach the island and by the time she arrived her allies had already left. She then armed herself with a saber and attacked the nearest tribute, Anais Morrisa. She failed with her attack and attempted to flee but was stopped by Anais' sister Carmine, who struck her in the stomach with a mace, breaking her ribs. She stumbled backwards from the massive blow, anf fell to  her knees by the impact. Anais then swung her warhammer at Alexandrite's skull, cracking it open and killing her instantly. She wobbled back and forth, before collapsing face forward with the sand.




Kim Carett, Jac Price, Azalea Finch, Billy McGranger, Fawn Talons, & Misty Honeysuckle


Killed By: Anais Morrisa


Despite leaving her by herself at the bloodbath, Alexandrite's allies were very upset at her death. Jac was especially so as he believed it was his fault that she was dead. Fawn was extremely saddened by her death, as well as her other allies'. The other tributes did not make any particular note of her death.


The 399th Hunger Games
Victor Anais Morrisa
Top 5 Ganta AlomoFawn TalonsLuxio SertraliumJac Price
Top 12 Azalea FinchAmaya LovelaceIris PixelIggy CoupeRosalie SonnetColin BissetBailey Snowbelle
Top 20 Arbor AlpineJake LocketbackMissy TurnerBilly McGrangerFlame VaporeAspen BoltsCarmine MorrisaBellamy Blake
Top 28 Luxray MeganiumHenry PolyesterClark StevensOctavia BlakeFenrir AmarthMizu FallHammer TimeAlexandrite Bohamia
Top 32 Julio FallMisty HoneysuckleKaye OceloteKim Carett

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