Ali Ajmal
Ali Ajmal
General Information
Age 17
Home Razmak, Pakistan
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Spear, Sword
Fate Deceased
Appearences The White Games

 "Allah Akbar"

-Ali moments before being killed by Chris Barnard

Ali Ajmal was a male Challenger that competed in The White Games. He hailed from Pakistan. Overall he placed 23rd out of 24.

Early LifeEdit



Ali is a courageous, street-smart boy who knows his way around pretty well. He is, however, not very fond of human company, and prefers to be alone rather than having to deal with other people. He is not the exact definition of a strategist, and would not hesitate to jump straight into a battle against ten armed, much more capable men. He is very harsh towards other people and does not show any mercy, not being afraid to wipe off any "obstacles" on his path to victory.




Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
8th --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


Ali was among the twenty-four teenagers choosen for The White Games.  During the first day of the program, Ali wandered around the island aimlessly, in an attempt to find supplies. By the time night fell upon the arena, he had already acquired a backpack full of supplies and a sword. After watching Mr. White's nightly report, he entered one of the multiple buildings scattered around the island, and drifted off to sleep. Oh the following morning, however, he was tracked down by a group of five other Challengers, consisting of Chris BarnardNicolò AmbrosiniFelix Leonard, Justine Leonard and Tristan Kaplan. As soon as he took note of their presence, Ali foolishly jumped out of his hiding place in a futile attempt meet the group in battle, which resulted in Chris swiftly driving his sword through the boy's chest, killing him on the spot.






Killed by: Chris Barnard




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