Amira Blodwen
Amira Blodwen
General Information
Age 14
Home District 9
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Bow and Arrow, Scythe
Fate Deceased
Appearences 400th Annual Hunger Games

Amira Blodwen was the new District 9 female from LightStone's 400th Annual Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Harvest Cropper. She was joined by Jac Price and Azalea Finch who were voted in by the Capitol. Plasma Perimen and Vera Luchabra also won a duel to compete once more. Overall she placed 62nd out of 92 tributes.


Serious and quiet, Amira is a shy girl with a somewhat pessimistic outlook on life in general. A big daydreamer, she's very creative and intutive, as well as slightly more intellient than your average District 9 girl. As mentioned previously she's not a big talker, if you don't know her you're likely to get one syllable answers if you even get an answer at all. She's also easily irritated, especially if you disturb her from her often dream-like state. It's not at all unusual to see her floating around airily, seemingly not paying much attention to the world around her. However though it seems she isn't, she is very much aware of the world around her most of the time, noticing things that others often don't, like peoples body language and other such things. Kind and sweet in a sort of saddened way if you get to know her, she's just a shy, calm girl, with a bad tendancy to daydream a lot.


Medium in stature and rather on the skinny side, Amira has very, very long honey blonde hair that falls in loose waves all the way down to just above her knees. She also has lovely green eyes, and a pale complexion.

Training ScoreEdit

400th Annual Hunger Games: 7





Ashley Curtis & Marlon Lander


Killed by: Josef Wilder


Nobody made any particular note on her death, either because was tagged as a weakling by most of the remaining tributes, or because they missed her portrait in the sky during the rainstorm.


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