Armado Roynclaw
General Information
Age 17
Home District 6
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Spear
Fate Deceased
Appearences War of the Hunger Games, 401st Annual Hunger Games

Armado Roynclaw was the District 6 male from LightStone123's 401st Annual Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Lavender Morton. Overall he placed 17th out of 32 tributes.


Armado isn't very typical. He isn't the nicest guy out there, yet he isn't the meanest at the same time. Usually, he is very judgmental and quick to base opinions of people and things on first glance. Armado is also a very sassy person, and often throws shade or mouths off other people who don't like him or make poor decisions. Although Armado can be not the nicest person out there, he does have a soft side, and it's usually when he is doing something rebellious or out of the norm. He is only really kind and humorous to people he really likes and believes that he can truly trust. Which in the end, is not many people. Finally, Armado finds it very difficult to trust people, he has extreme trust issues which doesn't relate to his past whatsoever. He was never betrayed or had the need to have these issues, it was just something that came up one day, and has forever been a part of him.



Training ScoreEdit

401st Annual Hunger Games: 7


During the training period, Armado allied himself with his district partner and the pair from District 11. Once he rose into the arena, he exchanged an uneasy nod with his district partner, Lavender, and the two ran for supplies as soon as the gong sounded. During the bloodbath, Armado managed to snag a spear from the middle of the platform clearing, then stood guard as his allies Lavender and Omega began picking up supplies. Towards the end of the bloodbath, the trio were joined by Omega's brother, Alpha, who had just finished fighting with Pompeii, the leader lf the Career pack. The alliance then fled the bloodbath unscathed, heading towards the Mystic Grove.




Lavender Morton, Alpha Quells, Omega Quells


Killed By: Silve Wisp


As he had no close allies left, his death went unnoticed by the majority of the tributes. 


  • Out of all the original members of his alliance, he was the one to survive for the longest time, outliving Lavender for a few seconds.
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