Astrid Bellia
Astrid Bellia
General Information
Age 17
Home District 1
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Spear
Fate Deceased
Appearences 300th Annual Hunger Games
Astrid Bellia was the District 1 female from LightStone123's 300th Annual Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Elvis Alexander. Overall she placed 6th out of 24.

Astrid was revived for the 327th Annual Hunger Games along with Dragon Lord. Overall, she placed 42nd out of 56.


Astrid is sly, flirty, and sweet to the point of it being overbearing. 


Astrid is fair-skinned, and has a few freckles. She is tall at 5'7 and has voluminous blonde hair.

Training ScoreEdit

300th Annual Hunger Games: 9

327th Annual Hunger Games: 9



Eli Dawn, May-Ann Hunter, Wess Cornstob


Elvis Alexander, Johnny Clarke, Bethany Clarke, Di Thorn, Flick Rivers, Kaylay Netter, Belladonna Saware


Killed by: Edmund Everton





Dragon LordGlique DumofitzJulius ParisHatch ScrightJerica StraddlerRyan MarineSwatty Lakeside, & Kingsley Orion


Killed by: Shade Spectrus




  • Despite Astrid having the nickname "Astro" it was never used by any other tribute.
  • She was killed by District 7 males in both Games she participated in.
The 300th Hunger Games
Victor Edmund Everton
Top 5 Flick RiversNoah EverestDi ThornElvis Alexander
Top 12 Astrid BelliaWess CornstobGogh LiztaMay-Ann HunterAllie CostiganAmaryllis SilvermoonKaylay Netter
Top 20 Trenton PowersBethany ClarkeMondi BakermanPlasma PerimenEli DawnJohnny ClarkeCoco JoansiBelladonna Saware
Top 24 Morolith DmitryNick KobargCosmo FyngelliGracie King

327th Hunger Games
Victors Soot DustcloudAustin AitkenCassandra OracionWatt Chargy
Top 8 Rufus SilksBlade SpectrusCourage BlitzRyan Marine
Top 16 Shade SpectrusAnnabeth MarchWario WadeTrain McBridgeVlad RockfordCashmere PradaMarcia CallamezzoPercy Grace
Top 25 Dome CitadelHybrid ThreeCelia MyerAlissa Metal BeamDragon LordZia GraceGlique DumofitzAugusta WintersVivan Incomstanti
Top 35 Darker HorrfiDaisy LilacBella MustangVarina TaporaHunter DavilaAlicia HazeTwix CindersJerica StraddlerWillow FirethornSwatty Lakeside
Top 45 Piper QuinnElla MasseyDawn OliveDusk OliveGloom IvyKingsley OrionAstrid BelliaKodai HitogoroshiTrick TreatJake Price
Top 56 Exolian DynamiteAmaryllis SilvermoonRamon ConstancyWoody ChopperMondi BakermanHatch ScrightMimic SlaughterRio FlockJulius ParisIce HuntsEvelyn Dinstra

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