Bonnie Cougar
Bonnie Cougar
General Information
Age 17
Home District 5
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Blowgun, Darts
Fate Deceased
Appearences 326th Hunger Games

Bonnie Cougar was the District 5 female in Lightstone123's 326th Annual Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Philo Ventus. Overall she placed 25th out of 28.

Personality Edit

Bonnie is a caring and sympathetic person who generally tries to see the best in people. However, her faith in others becomes a fault at times. She is the kind of girl who doesn't say much, and always tries to fade into the background. She is really shy and concealed to herself, and doesn't talk much to other people. 


Bonnie has long, shimering red hair and a mutittude of freckles dot her face. She has pale skin and light green eyes, that have an otherwise lifeless demeanor to them. Her skin looks a bit damaged due to her drug use, making Bonnie seem older than she really is.

Training ScoreEdit

326th Annual Hunger Games: 4


During Training, Bonnie formed an alliance with Yuri Collins and Tito Granso. At the bloodbath, she grabbed onto a backpack that contained a blowgun and a set of darts. She climbed the Cornucopia alongside Jenessa Whitten and the two of them truced and waited for the bloodbath to finish. However, Bonnie stood up and tried to shoot a dart at Seafoam Majesty, but she was spotted by Isolde Blair, who shot an arrow at her. The arrow embedded itself into Bonnie's chest, and as she gasped in shock, she took a step backwards, causing her to fall off the Cornucopia, to her death.

Kills Edit



Yuri CollinsTito Granso & Jenessa Whitten


Killed by: Isolde Blair


As all of Bonnie's allies died in the bloodbath, nobody made any particular note about her death. Jenessa didn't care much, as they weren't close to each other.


The 326th Hunger Games
Victor Charce Firre
Top 5 Douglas BilesFrade SpectrusElla MasseyPhilo Ventus
Top 12 Train McBridgeWatt ChargyJenessa WhittenRyan MarineCassie LexysOlympic ObladoOdessa Garnetstone
Top 20 Jeffrey KillheartKate WillisIsolde BlairBlondie GenesisWarwickite JewellySeafoam MajestyVoolia KelopiAlex Lexys
Top 28 Vera LuchabraRebel GrootsZippy OaksterTito GransoBonnie CougarYuri CollinsSteammie PicFlippy Twinmind

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