Bridget Idylwyld
Bridget Idylwyld
General Information
Age Unknown
Home The Capitol
Gender Female
Occupation Citizen
War Information
Weapon Chain Whip
Affiliation The Capitol
Position Unknown
Fate Unknown
Appearances War of the Hunger Games

Bridgette Idylwyld is a citizen of The Capitol.


How does one begin to describe Bridget Idylwyld? For starters, she's a stubborn, bigheaded psychopath who will be the hell that breaks loose when things don't go her way. She's an absolute control freak. Only rarely will she admit to defeat; for example, after a long, threatening argument about who should be the leader in which Bridget would probably flare her nostrils and say, "Fine. Have it your way." Despite her being so intimidating and bossy, she would make somewhat of a good leader. She is barely ever afraid of anything, and even if she is, she masks it well. She's daring, bold and a good strategist. She knows how to lead the Careers to victory, but she also knows how to keep them in line. If she weren't so temperamental all the time, she'd've been a protagonist in the story.

Bridget is all about the kill and none about the torture. She goes for fast yet painful deaths and usually doesn't keep grudges. The only person she had a grudge on was Camiren Paisley-Idylwyld. She's pure Career material—all about Idylwyld pride and winning the Games.

Bridget is able to see through people. She knows who's lying and will always have a disliking towards them since then. The rare times Bridget isn't angry, she'll still be on about killing tributes, except, this time, she'll be tolerable and other not-as-sociopathic Careers might even have a liking towards her.

But, because of that rarity, Bridget is always an angry and daring leader, inside and out.



War History Edit


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