Bridgette Wells
Bridgette Wells
General Information
Age 17
Home District 2
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Mace, Spear
Fate Alive
Appearences The War of the Hunger Games
Bridgette Wells is a citizen of District 2 and a Rebel-aligned citizen in the war


Bridgette is not your everyday girl. She is not afraid to do even the most risky thing. She enjoys thrills and will never back down from a dare unless it is pointless and will cost her her reputation.

Bridgette is also considered a wild-child. Coming from the Wells family has made her cautious and suspicious of people. Once she knows all there is to know about someone, she may choose to trust someone. It takes a lot to earn her respect though. Bridgette is not respectful generally and is rude to those she doesn't trust.

A dark side to Bridgette is that she is manipulating. She uses her looks to get someone to do what she wants them to do. This is used at her advantage because even Wildors would fall for her.

Bridgette also will severly hurt anyone who calls her Bridgette. Instead she likes to be called Caudia Vauhn. (Vauhn as her fake last name)


Natural auburn with dyed blonde hair, Sky blue eyes, white skin.

War StatusEdit

Alignment: Rebels

Position: Possible member of Those Who Don't Exist

Actions: TBA


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