Buck Rockwell
General Information
Age 16
Home District 6
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Spear, Sword, Machete
Fate Alive
Appearences 398th Hunger Games onwards

Buck Rockwell was the District 6 male from LightStone123's 398th Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Amore Madness. Overall he placed 1st out of 32 becoming a Victor.


He is very overconfident, as if he thinks one is weaker he will go after them. He is cocky, often making up crude remarks about his kills or soon to be kills. He is very antagonistic, often antagonizing other tributes during training. However, he won't pick on those bully, as he helps them sometimes.



Training ScoreEdit

398th Annual Hunger Games: 7


Buck was a Career tribute along with Trevor Gold, Trinity Mace, Avia Stafford, Luigi Wilkins, Sombra Celesta, Scarlet Avalon, Fiora Waltz, Juline Cenia, Zoey Proasheck, and Odin Amarth. He trained with these tributes, and earned himself respect as the pure enforcer of the alliance. In training, he scored an 8, presumbley for brute strength and high pain tolerance.

In the bloodbath, he fought the Capitol male, Furcifer Soror on the ground, apparently trying to strangle him. He survived the bloodbath, and got himself a handful of items. On Day 2, he goes with Juline Cenia to search a building, and kills Furcifer, claiming his first kill. On Day 2, the Career leader, Trevor, dies. Later on, Fiora becomes the leader, upsetting Buck.

He helps capture Celica from 12, to use as Bait. By Day 5 they have a zombie mutt "pet" and buck warns Luigi about it as he disappears. He kills Celica when she escapes, but before he can kill Aisha, shuppet knocks him out.

On the final day in the arena Buck leaves the career alliance and heads into the city by himself. He encounterd Shuppet and the two have a long fight. Buck ends up breaking Shuppet's neck and heads to the top og the bell tower. Buck encounters Solar as they are the final two tributes. The two have a long difficult battle but in the end Buck slashes Solar's throat. Leaving Buck as the victor.


Furcifer Soror, Celica Rotas, Fiora Waltz, Shuppet Jorravaskr, Solar Energy


Trevor GoldTrinity MaceAvia StaffordLuigi WilkinsSombra CelestaScarlet AvalonFiora WaltzJuline CeniaZoey ProasheckOdin Amarth



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Victor Buck Rockwell
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