Camilla Vause
General Information
Age Unknown
Home District 3
Gender Female
Occupation Citizen
War Information
Weapon Knife, Whalther P99
Affiliation Rebel Forces
Position Rebel
Fate Alive
Appearances War of the Hunger Games

Camilla Mona Vause is a citizen of District 3. She is a character in War of the Hunger Games


Camilla is intuitive and witty, yet enclosed in her own personal world of hate and anger, mostly directed towards the Capitol. She is an erudite, her rough appearance may not suggest this but she knows what she's doing, always. She's very good with words, and manipulative and can tell a lie like she is the most honest person in Panem. She lives by 'it's every man for themselves' and cares only for herself, and those who oppose her or her word will suffer. She watches a situation like a hawk, and decides what to do before she does it. She's courageous, and she will fight for the freedom that was taken away from her and she will knock down any barrier in her way. 


Camilla has culled curls hanging from her hair, with it hanging just under her shoulder. Her fringe is a crimson red, which she believes is the colour of this rebellion. Her olive eyes can emphasise the fury that usually graces her eyes, and she has a tanned complexion. She's thin due to the malnourishment that stalks her district and she's tall at 6,2.

from afar some way say she is a beauty, but up close she has jagged scars down her cheeks. Her hair is knotted and inter winded with both of mud and dirt. SHe's got a fine layer of dust and ash covering her skin and her clothes are always covered in blood.

War HistoryEdit


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