Carmine Morrisa
Carmine Morrisa
General Information
Age 16
Home District 2
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Warhammer, Mace
Fate Deceased
Appearences 399th Annual Hunger Games & 400th Annual Hunger Games

Carmine Morrisa was the District 2 female who participated in Lightstone 123's 399th Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Hammer Time. Overall she placed 19th out of 32.

Carmine Morrisa was voted to compete in the 400th Annual Hunger Games along with Luigi Wilkins. She was district partners with Chloe Black and Pansy Costella  who won the District 2 Death Duel to compete in the games again and Rodeo Baldios  and Ena Shea who were new tributes. Overall, she placed 21st out of 92 Tributes. 


Carmine is a rude, sarcastic girl who wants things her way. She will manipuate people to get what she wants. She likes to make fun of people because she can, and doesn't have many friends because of how she acts. She finds great joy in being mean towards others for some reason, and loves it when other people feel bad, or feel pain. As long as it's not her, or her sister, she loves it when people suffer. She acts like a warrior, and is one at heart. She longs to be in the Hunger Games, where she can be the warrior she is. Where she can be a daughter of darkness.


Carmine has stunning, dark red hair with black highlights under the thick layer of red. Her hair goes all the way down to her hips. She has bright red eyes, also, which are very unusual, and she likes to scare people with it. She's a bit taller than most girls.

Height: 5'9

Training ScoreEdit

399th Annual Hunger Games: 9

400th Annual Hunger Games: 12



Carmine allied with Anais. In training they both got a score of nine. On the first day, during the bloodbath, Anais killed Alexandrite Bohamia, and the two ran off together. The next day, they got attacked by a mutt, and Carmine saw it trying to attack Anais. Carmine took her mace and bashed the mutt's ribcage, and then Anais finished it off by hitting it in the head with her warhammer. The next day they went searching for water, and Bellamy Blake speared Carmine, causing her to start bleeding to death. Carmine succumbed to her wounds that night,




Anais Morrisa


Killed By: Bellamy Blake



Anissa Fallows & Ganta Alomo

Allies  Ena SheaAzalea FinchJac Price Luxray Meganium


Killed By: Josef Wilder


The 399th Hunger Games
Victor Anais Morrisa
Top 5 Ganta AlomoFawn TalonsLuxio SertraliumJac Price
Top 12 Azalea FinchAmaya LovelaceIris PixelIggy CoupeRosalie SonnetColin BissetBailey Snowbelle
Top 20 Arbor AlpineJake LocketbackMissy TurnerBilly McGrangerFlame VaporeAspen BoltsCarmine MorrisaBellamy Blake
Top 28 Luxray MeganiumHenry PolyesterClark StevensOctavia BlakeFenrir AmarthMizu FallHammer TimeAlexandrite Bohamia
Top 32 Julio FallMisty HoneysuckleKaye OceloteKim Carett
400th Annual Hunger Games

Caspian Mahoney

Top 8

Kaneki UrashiSolar EnergyBlade SpectrusKennedy MarksJosef WilderBanette TsukomogamiAisha Hakeem

Top 16

Camiren Paisley-IdylwyldAzalea FinchMadeva McGrangerAnnabelle HarretDouglas BilesJulian VeritasAmaya LovelaceMahogany Vesta

Top 25

Aelia FreedomeLuxray MeganiumElvis AlexanderDaisy LilacCarmine MorrisaAxel AlexWatt PowersSebastian HiveGanta Alomo

Top 32

Dylan MurrowNoah EverestRodeo BaldiosRyan MarineFawn TalonsAmethystia ThallShade Spectrus

Top 46

Billy McGrangerTodd EvansMisty HoneysuckleArbor AlpineJenessa WhittenCole HarrisonCullinan BeryllJac PriceAnissa FallowsSeth RollinsFreya PradaDean AmbroseJohnathan MikealHarvest Cropper

Top 56

Jake LocketbackOlympic ObladoChloe BlackFrade SpectrusCourage BlitzVera LuchabraCrimson TyphoonWolbert ToonicoRadiant TayzRosalina Cosmic

Top 78

Ena SheaTrident BekkeEllis BlackberryAnnabeth MarchAmica BelleAmira BlodwenAshley CurtisMarlon LanderJosool WirandaWocky OakWess CornstobSalem CallaZiya AshtonMizu FallZoey ProasheckJet Flack • Adreanna DanishRamon ConstancyFalk AvianTrent KoreyFressa SaltieSheol Argos

Top 92

Thalia CombeLuigi WilkinsLuna FernPansy CostellaCurricular LunesAmore MadnessCaliban RweedCassandra LexysTrinity MacePlasma PerimenFlame VaporeChip ParksStario LucarenTrick Treat

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