Charce Firre
General Information
Age 17
Home District 12
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Fire, Scythe
Fate Alive
Appearences 326th Annual Hunger Games
Charce Firre was the District 12 male from LightStone123's 326th Annual Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Steammie Pic. Overall he placed 1st out of 28 tributes, becoming a Victor.


He is very quiet and secretive. He is independent and very shy.


He has short blond hair and small grey eyes and his skin is tanned. He is slightly taller then average, standing 5'11.

Training ScoreEdit

326th Annual Hunger Games: 7


When the games began Charce grabbed a backpack, then freed Watt from Blondie. The two flee into the desert, before eventually finding a small overhang for shelter. The next day, Charce digs into the desert and finds a source of water. A tunnel then opens up near their rock formation and Blondie crawls out. Deciding to leave Blondie alone, Charce and Watt enter the tunnel. After the earthquake the following day, the two make their way to the Cornucopia and get some supplies. The next day, the duo makes their way down a huge hole where the Cornucopia resides and take shelter there. They are then approached by Warwickite and join the careers. They participate in the attack on the Hellraisers. The next day, the fire kills the other two surviving careers, and Watt is nearly killed by Frade before Charce revives her. On the final day, Charce and Watt are forced over to the ruins by the gamemakers, and are attacked by Train. Train kills Watt and Charce kills him in retaliation. Charce then kills Douglas in the final showdown to win the 326th Hunger Games.


Train McBridge, Douglas Biles


Watt Chargy


Charce returned to District 12 and helped his family lead a better life. He worked on a forging a better relationship with his father and he no longer was unable to recognize him. Charce’s biggest goal was to help District 12 recover from the poverty and despair it found itself in. He worked tirelessly, using his newfound wealth and fame, to bring food and money to the District’s poor, starving people. The District never became rich but it recovered from the depths of horror of which it had sunk into. Charce eventually settled down and had family of his own. While he wasn’t particularly well liked in the Capitol or most of the other Districts, save for District 3, the people of District 12 admired and respected their Victor.


  • He is the first tribute from District 12 to win the games in the series
The 326th Hunger Games
Victor Charce Firre
Top 5 Douglas BilesFrade SpectrusElla MasseyPhilo Ventus
Top 12 Train McBridgeWatt ChargyJenessa WhittenRyan MarineCassie LexysOlympic ObladoOdessa Garnetstone
Top 20 Jeffrey KillheartKate WillisIsolde BlairBlondie GenesisWarwickite JewellySeafoam MajestyVoolia KelopiAlex Lexys
Top 28 Vera LuchabraRebel GrootsZippy OaksterTito GransoBonnie CougarYuri CollinsSteammie PicFlippy Twinmind

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