Courage Blitz
Courage Blitz
General Information
Age 14
Home District 3
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Sword
Fate Deceased
Appearences 302nd Annual Hunger Games, 327th Annual Hunger Games & 400th Annual Hunger Games
Courage Blitz was the District 3 male from LightStone123's 302nd Annual Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Syren Song Overall he placed 7th out of 28.

Courage was revived for the 327th Annual Hunger Games along with Watt Chargy. Overall he placed 7th out of 56 becoming a runner-up.

Courage Blitz was voted to compete in the 400th Annual Hunger Games along with Annabeth March. He was district partners with Noah Everest and Chip Parks who won the District 3 Death Duel to compete in the games again and Caspian Mahoney and Ziya Ashton who were new tributes. Overall, he placed 51st out of 92 Tributes.


Courage is very confident, and very skilled due to the period of time he spent training. He is also self-reliant, but he can makes friends easily when he puts his mind to it. Naturally driven and determined, he will always work hard to get what he wants. He is loyal to any good friends he makes, but he tries to stay independent. 


Courage has messy auburn hair with slighly lighter bangs. He is somewhat skinny, and freckles dot his face. He has stunning blue eyes and tanned skin. He is quite tall for his age, being 5'6.

Training ScoreEdit

302nd Annual Hunger Games: 7

327th Annual Hunger Games: 7

400th Annual Hunger Games: 7








Killed by: Dome Citadel

327th Edit


Dome Citadel


Austin AitkenRyan MarineAugusta Winters & Marcia Callamezzo


Killed by: Watt Chargy


Kills Edit





Killed by: Madeva McGranger




  • Courage received a training score of 7 in all three Games of which he competed.
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