Cyan Vesta
General Information
Age 18
Home The Capitol
Gender Male
Occupation Citizen
War Information
Weapon Sword
Affiliation Rebel
Position Spy
Fate Unknown
Appearances 400th Hunger Games
War of the Hunger Games

Cyan Vesta is a citizen of The Capitol. He is a character in War of the Hunger Games.



Looks He has a blue appearance with wings, etc

War HistoryEdit

Cyan and his sister Mahogany were rebellious kids whom grew up defying the Capitol at any possible opportunities they had. On the day of the 400th Hunger Games, he skipped the Capitol reaping because he would be joining a "rebel group" which his sister was concerned about. His sister ended up being reaped. A few days later, he managed to sabotage the Capitol Tower and blew it up. Later on, president Stryker found out about this and sent Cyan to a death punishment in the form of a hellish torture.

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