Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose
General Information
Age 18
Home District 14
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Axe, Knife
Fate Deceased
Appearences 400th Annual Hunger Games

Dean Ambrose was the new District 14 male from LightStone's 400th Annual Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Amica Belle. He was joined by Luxray Meganium and Amaya Lovelace who were voted in by the Capitol. Overall he placed 44th out of 92.


He can think straight, but has a very unstable atmosphere to him. He could be talking just fine one minute and then he'll start rolling his neck a bit, or slap the side of his head while he talks. He fiddles with his fingers a lot and uses a lot of body language to express himself while he talks. He hates a traitor, and will stop at nothing to bring one down as revenge, but most importantly, he is actually a hero of sorts. Having a past that longs for justice, he knows what's right and who the good people really are and likes to torment and play mind games with people who commit any injustices. Not exactly a rebel agains the capitol however, he is still lingering on the idea of wether or not to rebel. But for the meantime, he knows he doesn't agree with the peacekeepers' version of justice.


He is a tall young man. An unstable look in his eyes, with what seems to be a constant smirk/pout. Although he doesn't naturally show signs of being a stone cut bodybuilder, he has his muscles starting to take form in his arms. His hands are always clawed or fidgeting a bit, and he has stubble around his chin. His eyes are a greyish blue/green, and when you take a good look at his expressions, they are very deranged, as if he's needing to claw at something.. or someone. His hair is wavy and not very long, and is normally seen in jeans, boots, and an a-shirt. Scars litter his face from his extreme past, but he still has room for more, and when you find yourselfd alone with him, allyor enemy, you'll always ask, "What's going on in his mind?"

Training ScoreEdit

400th Annual Hunger Games: 10



Johnathan Mikeal


Todd Evans, Jake Locketback, Luigi Wilkins, Pansy Costella, Dylan Murrow, Seth Rollins, & Luxray Meganium


Killed by: Aisha Hakeem



  • Dean was a member of the largest alliance in the history of the series.  
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