District 10 is one of the districts of Panem. In this district the citzens usally work on farms. They supply the Capitol with the meat the Capitol eats. District 10 is a poor district that normally does not win the games. 



Morolith Dmitry  - 300th Annual Hunger Games

Bronco Bagwell - 301st Annual Hunger Games

Vlad Rockford - 302nd Annual Hunger Games & 327th Annual Hunger Games

Kwartz Diodin - 325th Annual Hunger Games

Alec Cohen - 325th Annual Hunger Games

Alex Lexys  - 326th Annual Hunger Games

Twix Cinders327th Annual Hunger Games

Stephen Star - 398th Annual Hunger Games

Billy McGranger399th Annual Hunger Games & 400th Annual Hunger Games

Marlon Lander - 400th Annual Hunger Games

Avan Falco401st Annual Hunger Games


Gracie King - 300th Annual Hunger Games

Seeker Amaryllis - 301st Annual Hunger Games

Ellis Blackberry - 302nd Annual Hunger Games & 400th Annual Hunger Games

Vivan Incomstanti - 325th Annual Hunger Games & 327th Annual Hunger Games

Alecia Cohen - 325th Annual Hunger Games

Cassie Lexys  - 326th Annual Hunger Games & 400th Annual Hunger Games

Bella Mustang327th Annual Hunger Games

Cleopatra Royalty - 398th Annual Hunger Games

Fawn Talons399th Annual Hunger Games & 400th Annual Hunger Games

Madeva McGranger - 400th Annual Hunger Games

Takeko Zhou401st Annual Hunger Games


District 10 has had no victors over the course of the series.


District 10 has had two tributes escape during the series.

Stephen Star

Madeva McGranger


District 10 has had three mentors mentioned in the series.

Mr. Mustang

Mrs. Mustang

Bradley Hopper



They performed very bad. Both died in the bloodbath.


Again, both tributes from District 10 died in the bloodbath.


Both tributes from District 10 survived the Bloodbath. Vlad managed a kill. Vlad was killed on the second day, and Ellis was killed on the third.


Of the District 10 tributes, Alecia was killed in the Bloodbath at the female arena, Alec and Kwartz were killed on the second day in the male arena, and Vivian died on the fourth day in the female arena.


District 10 performs better in these games than any before mentioned games. Cassie gets one kill. Alex dies on the third day, and Cassie dies on the fifth.


District 10 performs even better in these games. Of the new tributes, Twix is killed on the fifth day, and Bella on the sixth. Among the all-stars, Vivian survives until the sixth day, and Vlad dies on the seventh.


Cleopatra dies in the Bloodbath, and Stephen is captured by Those Who Don't Exist on the fifth day.


Billy is killed on the fourth day, and Fawn finishes third for District 10, dying on the seventh and final day.


Of the District 10 death duel survivors, Cassie is killed in the Bloodbath, while Ellis dies on the third day. Both the all-stars die on the seventh day. Of the new tributes, Marlon dies on the third day, while Madeva is captured by Those Who Don't Exist on the eighth.