Douglas Biles
Doulas Biles
General Information
Age 15
Home District 13
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Wire,Spear
Fate Alive
Appearences 326th Annual Hunger Games & 400th Annual Hunger Games

Douglas Biles was the District 13 male from Lightstone123's 326th Annual Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Jenessa Whitten. Over all he placed 2nd out of 28 tributes becoming a runner up.

Douglas Biles also participated in the 400th Annual Hunger Games along with Jenessa Whitten after winning the District 13 Death Duel. He was District partners with Radiant Tayz and Zoey Proasheck who were voted in by the Capitol to compete in the games and Julian Veritas and Adreanna Danish who were the new tributes. Overall, he placed 13th out of 92 tributes, but he is still alive and outside Panem because he got taken out of the arena by Those Who Don't Exist.


Doug is a young genius. He is far smarter than anyone his age. He longs for interaction with other people his age. He can be quite and shy when you first meet him.


Doug has short brown hair and light brown eyes. He has dark skin. 

Training ScoreEdit

326th Annual Hunger Games: 7

400th Annual Hunger Games: 8



Doug joined a alliance with his district partner Jenessa and Voolia during Group training. Once in the games Doug's alliance was one of many small alliances that teamed up against the hellraisers. Through out the games many of Dougs allys died. In the end it was only he and Jenessa who remained in the final. Once in the final Jenessa was killed quickly by Philo. Doug was then forced to flee while Ella and Frade hunted him down. In the final battle Doug watched as Philo was killed by Ella who was then squashed by a pile of bricks. Doug then fought with Frade until Frade was pushed off the ruins. Doug however recived serious injuries in the fight and Charce was quickly able to finish him off with a brick to the face. 


Frade Spectrus


Voolia KelopiOdessa Garnetstone, Vera LuchabraJenessa Whitten


Killed by: Charce Firre


Doug upon being revived realized that he, along with all the other "revived" tributes were nothing more than clones. Doug vowed to survive so he could let the world know the truth. Doug was forced to fight in the District 13 Death Duel along with the other tributes from District 13 who had lost the games and had not been voted into the 327th Annual Hunger Games. Doug saved his ally Jenessa Whitten from an explosion and the two were then forced into the 400th Annual Hunger Games. In the Games Doug and his allies Jenessa and Kennedy Marks survived the bloodbath and layed low. Doug attempted to kill Kennedy in her sleep but Jenessa would not allow him to so they decideded to abandon her. Upon the twist annoucing the teams based on how they enetered the games Doug and Jenessa assembled a team of duel tributes consisting of Elvis Alexander, Cole Harrison, Watt Powers, Sebastian Hive & Josef Wilder. Watt and Sebastian betrayed the group killing Cole and Jenessa in a explosion. One the Game makers announced there would only be one Victor Josef killed almost the entire group and left Doug mortally wounded. Doug survived long enough to be taken out of the arena by Those Who Do Not Exist. 




Elvis AlexanderCole HarrisonWatt PowersSebastian Hive, Kennedy Marks, Josef Wilder, & Jenessa Whitten


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