Over the course of the series, there has been a total of fifteen tributes who were rescued of the arena by a mysterious rebel group called Those Who Don't Exist. It is unknown, but it has been stated that more tributes have escapeed.

300th: NA

301st: NA

302nd: NA

325th: NA 

326th: NA

327th: NA

398thAelia Freedome (Mistymolla), Stephen Star (MyWorld)

399thAzalea Finch (Aerialchinook), Jac Price (TheFireJay)

400thKennedy Marks (Bacon Canadian), Blade Spectrus (Tehblakdeath), Camiren Paisley-Idylwyld (Summer Bee 13), Aisha Hakeem (Aerialchinook), Banette Tsukomogami (Mistfire333), Josef Wilder (Attackcobra), Azalea Finch (Aerialchinook), Madeva McGranger (Wolfgirl23), Annabelle Harret (YourFavoriteSalmon), Julian Veritas (Pippycat), Douglas Biles (Aerialchinook), Amaya Lovelace (Mistymolla), Mahogany Vesta (TheFireJay)

401st: TBA

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