Flawra Moonshaadow
General Information
Age 18
Home Capitol
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Axe and spear
Fate deceased
Appearences 3525th Annual Hunger Games

Flawra Moonshadow was one of the Capitol Females from LightStone123's 325th Annual Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Dexter Malon, Josoll Wiranda and Amelia Puregold . Overall, she placed 52nd out of 56 


She is intelligant and sly and has already got the games planned out but she acts stupid and clueless to draw attention away from herself and to be seen not as a threat


She has large bright pink and purple hair and is coverd in Capitol makeup and is average height at 5'9

Training ScoreEdit

325th Annual Hunger Games :  8


During the bloodbath she had her head bashed into a crate by Mimic Slaughter




Artemis GraceSkylar WindbreezeTeresa SilverChloe BlackFressa SaltieLayla Twozone and Amelia Puregold


Killed by: Mimic Slaughter



The 325th Hunger Games
Victors Missy RandosMist ScorchilHazel DyerAcheron Bane
Top 8 Shade SpectrusGalina Von DoverFressa SaltieElecc Commission
Top 16 Wolbert ToonicoHarley SwoopPiper QuinnNymph MeréChip ParksVision FaithJosool WirandaCole Harrison
Top 25 Giller McFishDexter MaloneThalia CombeChumps HarvariaVioletta NobleKodai HitogoroshiJake PriceAmelia PuregoldTeresa Silver
Top 35 Catalina TweedElectronny WatsonJax GriffinJack CaymanKarma BloodHatch ScrightMimic SlaughterMaple LeavestruckVivan IncomstantiTot Tenham
Top 45 Sebastian HiveTrent KoreyEleith LightstormChloe BlackEva DestinyKwartz DiodinAlec CohenFlora SapslingAllana DarkbloomArtemis Grace
Top 56 Wayne DeflecktZak SlaughterYuki KokyuSeez CroppleyFolly RoverJulianFlawra MoonshadowAlecia CohenSalem CallaLayla TwozoneSkylar Windbreeze

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