Giorno Giovanna
General Information
Age Unknown
Home The Capitol
Gender Male
Occupation Citizen
War Information
Weapon Fists, Scythes
Affiliation Rebel
Position Unknown
Fate Unknown
Appearances War of the Hunger Games
Giorno Giovanna is a citizen of The Capitol and a Rebel-aligned citizen in the war


Giorno began as an unhappy and lonely child until he befriended a gangster. Since then, he has become a more confident person. His clever mind helps him and the rest of Buccellati's gang get out of tough situations, as well as helping him win the support of its most stubborn members. Giorno is a very conceptual planner, and is very strategic and analytical. While he may seem to be a troublemaker at times, he has a good heart and wants to help out anybody who has shown him kindness. 


Giorno is a teenage boy of average height and slim build. He has golden hair of moderate length tied back in a short, braided tail, with three distinctive swirls or tortellini shapes hanging over his forehead. Giorno wears a glossy two piece suit with a checkered coat tail. The suit has several ornate features, including winged shaped emblems on the collars and a heart-shaped opening in the chest area. The most distinctive feature is the three ladybug emblems located on each side of his chest and directly below the zipper. Before Giorno joined the Gang, he had his hair free, looking similar to his father. He originally had black unkempt hair; he now has the appearence that I just described.


  • He is the only named rebel in The Capitol.

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