Hammer Time
Hammer Time
General Information
Age 18
Home District 2
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Sword, Spear
Fate Deceased
Appearences 399th Annual Hunger Games

Hammer Time was the District 2 male from Lightstone123's 399th Annual Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Carmine Morrisa. Overall, he placed 27th out of 32 tributes.

Personality Edit

Hammer may be arrogant, but this is no reason to think him as weak. He is extremely bloodthirsty, and ruthless in his attacks. There's also a sense of mystery around him. He stands at 6,9.

Looks Edit

Hammer has spiky jet black hair, that stick up in the air. He has devilish red eyes that stare into your soul, making your blood run cold. There are many scars on him, and he is very muscular.

Training score Edit

399th Annual Hunger Games: 10

Games Edit

Hammer allied with Fenrir Amarth, Jake Locketback, Mizu Fall and Kaye Ocelote. He became a co-leader with Mizu, after she suggested the idea to him, when he became angry after she declared herself leader. The two of them had no idea that the other careers beat up Aspen, on command of Fenrir.

At the start of the hunger games, Hammer reached the cornucopia, where he spent a lot of time arming himself with tons of weapons. However, Mizu arrived late, and Kaye had been killed. Mizu's eyes were blood red like his, but he didn't notice, until it was too late. Mizu in her monster form leapt onto him, and bit his neck, leading to their deaths, and the break-up of the careers.

Kills: Edit


Allies: Edit

Fenrir Amarth, Jake Locketback, Mizu Fall, Kaye Ocelote

Other: Edit

Killed by: Mizu Fall

Aftermath Edit

Fenir and Jake were left bewildered by the fact that they were the only surviving careers. The deaths of Hammer, Mizu and Kaye left Jake pressured to end Fenir's life. To summarize, Hammer's death led to the end of the careers, and a bunch of other events.

Trivia Edit

  • Hammer is the joint 2nd tallest tribute in the series, with Eli Dawn. Only Vlad Rockford is taller than the two of them.
  • He got the joint-highest score in private training, and had the same score as Fenrir and Aspen.
  • There was a mini-shipping between Hammer and Mizu, but it simply wasn't to be (both died in the bloodbath)
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