Iggy Coupe
Iggy coupe
General Information
Age 15
Home The Capitol
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Traps, Knives
Fate Deceased
Appearences 399th Annual Hunger Games

Iggy Coupe was the Capitol male from Lightstone123's 399th Annual Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Flame Vapore. Overall he placed 9th out of 32 tributes.


Very giggly, Iggy will not hesitate to point and laugh at something if he thinks it's funny. His favorite kind of humor is when someone falls for his pranks, or when something backfires in a non-harmful way. He has a generally positive outlook on life, and appreiates having friends despite getting on their nerves every now and then. Nerdy and a trap geek, Iggy is your go-to guy if you want a killer trap to set somewhere without flaw. The middle sibling, Iggy is used to not getting attention, which can lead to him being a bit selfish when it comes to a dangerous situation. "If the point of helping someone is to prevent a life being lost, why should I die then?". A passionate tribute however, he will truly take the term "respresenting district 6" to new heights, never being disturbed by someone dying or killing, and certainly not about to back down, Iggy wants to become somebody.


Iggy looks somewhat demented, wearing geeky glasses over his strange eyes, light blue with shrunken pupils. A goofy stance, he is the tallest and skinniest sibling out of the entire Coupe family. He has a silly grin on his face most of the time, and normally has his hands either in a clawed manner or clasped together. He has messy hair, and pale skin. Iggy has a relatively weak body, but he is not frail and he can be rather hard to hit because of his agile body type.

Training ScoreEdit

399th Annual Hunger Games: 6



Henry Polyester


Jake Locketback, Luxio SertraliumLuxray Meganium & Flame Vapore 


Killed by: Amaya Lovelace


Most tributes were happy he died. Luxio was upset however as he lost his only ally.


The 399th Hunger Games
Victor Anais Morrisa
Top 5 Ganta AlomoFawn TalonsLuxio SertraliumJac Price
Top 12 Azalea FinchAmaya LovelaceIris PixelIggy CoupeRosalie SonnetColin BissetBailey Snowbelle
Top 20 Arbor AlpineJake LocketbackMissy TurnerBilly McGrangerFlame VaporeAspen BoltsCarmine MorrisaBellamy Blake
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Top 32 Julio FallMisty HoneysuckleKaye OceloteKim Carett

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