“You seem like a kindred spirit. Besides, you have decided not to kill me, and that's always a good thing!”
Oreo Dutton on Imogen.
Imogen Sykes
Imogen Sykes
General Information
Age 15
Home Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Spear, Knife
Fate Deceased
Appearences The White Games
Imogen Sykes is a female Challenger that competed in The White Games. She hailed from the United States. Overall, she placed 7th out of 24.

Early LifeEdit

Imogen was raised an only child by her father. She was brought up in Boston, Massachusetts but currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan because moving there was on her father's bucket list. She's from a lower mid-class family. Imogen is a very nice person but ever since she got picked on 3 years ago, by students such as Misha Castiel she has been very insecure. She went through an eating disorder which she is slowly recovering from. Imogen cares deeply for her father who is her only living blood relative that lives nearby. She loves fishing, an activity that she and her dad do a lot, and the drill team.


Imogen is very a gentle person, usually acting as the mother of the group. The only time Imogen is rude or very serious is when practicing or competing in the drill team. She is nice to everyone unless they give her a good reason not to be, and believes that there is good inside of everyone. Imogen is very insecure, a by-product of being bullied for most her life.


Imogen has flowing blonde flowly hair and blueish-green eyes. She has fair skin and is very thin.


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
18th 11th 12th 12th 11th 6th 3rd 4th


Imogen was among the twenty-four teenagers choosen for The White Games. During the first hours of the program, she bumped into Oreo Dutton, who agreed to form an alliance with her. The two of them hid in the forest for a few hours, until they noticed another challenger a few feet away. Eager to form an alliance, Imogen started moving towards her, but Oreo pulled her back, telling her that, as far as they were concerned, Nora could be a threat. The two of them started to argue, but were cut off shortly after when a second challenger, Nero Shock, jumped out of his hiding place, tackling Nora to the ground and bashing her cranium in with a rock, killing her.

Alerted by the girls' datapads, Nero took note of their presence, and begun to give chase to the two of them. Horrified by what they just witnessed, Imogen and Oreo ran away, barely escaping Nero. They continued to run, until Oreo ran onto a rock, being propelled forward and sending herself and Imogen, whom she smacked into, rolling down a hill and into a beach, where they found Fausto Grandeur, who became their ally after a short conversation.


Misha Castiel, Victoria Sinclair


Fausto Grandeur, Oreo Dutton, Misha Castiel & Victoria Sinclair


Killed by: Herself





The White Games

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