Isolde Blair
Isolde Blair
General Information
Age 18
Home The Capitol
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Bow and arrow, Scythe
Fate Deceased
Appearences 326th Annual Hunger Games

Isolde Blair was the Capitol female from Lightstone123's 326th Annual Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Olympic Oblado. Overall she placed 15th out of 28 tributes.


Isolde is the proud daughter of a rich family, being one of the most wealthiest people in the Capitol. Who are also known for their cruelty. Isolde's father, Mortimer, is prominently known for his brutal personality as both a Gamemaker and a father, crafting each and every one of his children into hardened killers who wouldn't hesitate to slit a person's throat. Isolde, by far, is his strongest and favorite child out of his 7 little devils. His youngest daughter and spawn over all, Isolde is by far the most sadistic and callous out of all of her devious siblings. She is known for her vanity, a trait gathered by all members of the Blair family. She is also quite fond of the act of torture, and can use this as a way of interrogation. She's very seductive, being seen as attractive by all who lay eyes on her. She's crafty and deceptive, being a master liar who can easily get what she wants without the victim realizing what they have done. Her intelligence matches that of a District 3 erudite, being taught during the day by the most educated and sophisticated Capitol professors.


Isolde is a very beautiful girl, her features seemingly perfect and flawless. She has her family's classic, shimmering sky-blue hair, a trait passed down to all generations of the Blair family. Surprisingly enough, her locks of cerulean aren't dyed or synthetic. The Blair's are well known for their natural azure curls, something they have managed to retain thanks to genetic coding. Isolde makes sure she always has her favorite eyeshadow of a similar shade to her hair on at all times, as if it were her token. Her porcelain-like skin is flawless, not a single mark disgracing her allure. Her eyes are ice-blue with a serpentine-like iris, an attribute only seen on her by her family. Her true token, a silver cross with her family name "Blair" engraved on to it, is seen hanging around her neck by a piece of fine sable lace.

Training ScoreEdit

326th Annual Hunger Games: 12



Bonnie CougarVoolia Kelopi


Warwickite JewellyElla MasseyJeffrey KillheartRebel Groots, Frade Spectrus , Flippy TwinmindZippy Oakster & Steammie Pic


Killed by: Ryan Marine


Her allies were disappointed by her death, as she was the tribute with the highest training score among them. The other tributes were happy to see that such a huge threat had died.


The 326th Hunger Games
Victor Charce Firre
Top 5 Douglas BilesFrade SpectrusElla MasseyPhilo Ventus
Top 12 Train McBridgeWatt ChargyJenessa WhittenRyan MarineCassie LexysOlympic ObladoOdessa Garnetstone
Top 20 Jeffrey KillheartKate WillisIsolde BlairBlondie GenesisWarwickite JewellySeafoam MajestyVoolia KelopiAlex Lexys
Top 28 Vera LuchabraRebel GrootsZippy OaksterTito GransoBonnie CougarYuri CollinsSteammie PicFlippy Twinmind

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