Jonah Zarate
Jonah Zarate
General Information
Age 15
Home District 9
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Scythe, Sickle
Fate Deceased
Appearences 401st Annual Hunger Games
 Jonah Zarate was the District 9 male from LightStone123's 401st Annual Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Emma Brynne. Overall he placed 23rd out of 32 tributes.


Jonah is a good hearted, ambitious young man who wants to live on the right side of the law. He despises evil and crime in any form, and cannot stand to see the innocent punished. He is strong willed and will stand up for what he believes in, unafraid of anyone who dare challenges his beliefs. He will stick up for those he sees as innocent. He's selfless and won't care how much pain he gets put in, as long as he helps whoever it is he wants. He is unable to leave close friends behind, showing undying loyalty to those that earn it. If you do cross Jonah's path, he'll hold a strong grudge and be very distrustful, and may go as far to kill you where you stand. One of Jonah's weak traits is his how gullible he is. People he trusts can easily manipulate and trick him.


Jonah is a boy of average build, standing at 5'10" and weighing 159 lbs. He has shaggy brown hair and blue eyes, and is a decent looking boy.

Training ScoreEdit

401st Annual Hunger Games: 7





Teddy Bridges, Jayda Idylwyld, Lilah Jöllenbeck, & Luigi Iris


Killed By: Lilah Jöllenbeck




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