Josef Wilder
Josef Wilder
General Information
Age 17
Home District 8
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Crossbow, Machete
Fate Alive
Appearences 301st Annual Hunger Games & 400th Annual Hunger Games
Josef Wilder was the District 8 male from LightStone123's 301st Annual Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Cashmere Prada. Overall he placed 6th out of 28.

Josef Wilder also participated in the 400th Annual Hunger Games along with Freya Prada after winning the District 8 Death Duel. He was District partners with Banette Tsukomogami and Aisha Hakeem who were voted in by the Capitol to compete in the games and Jet Flack and Camiren Paisley who were the new tributes. Overall, he placed 6th out of 92 tributes, but he is still alive and outside Panem because he got taken out of the arena by Those Who Don't Exist.

Josef was inducted into The Hall of Fame in December 2015.


Josef is quite and mysterious. He’s been training his entire life for the games and volunteers because he because he has nothing to lose. He refuses to give up on anything but is quick to anger. He has no problem killing the others tributes as he see them only as roadblocks on his path to becoming a victor.


Josef has short dark brown hair and grey eyes. He is 5'11.

Training ScoreEdit

301st Annual Hunger Games: 9

400th Annual Hunger Games: 12




Regina Victorious, Diamond Coman




Killed by: Zombie Mutts



Carmine MorrisaSheol ArgosFressa SaltieAshley Curtis, Watt PowersSebastian HiveAmira BlodwenMarlon Lander & Trent Korey








  • Josef is the only male tribute in the series to earn a training score of 12.
  • Josef has the most kills in a games by tribute with 9 during the 400th Annual Hunger Games.
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