Juline Cenia
JuIine Cenia
General Information
Age 17
Home District 9
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Sickle, Sword
Fate Deceased
Appearences 398th Hunger Games

Juline Cenia was the District 9 female from Lightstone123's 398th Annual Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Lyman Milton. Overall she placed 21st out of 32 tributes. 


Juline is a snobby, ignorant brat. She's rude, and enjoys to torment others. She'll spit spitballs, slap people if she's upset, anything for attention. She couldn't care less for anyone or anything but herself. She's way too overly-confident and too self-centered as well. She recieves hate from most people, but she'll fight her way to the top to get what she wants. And if she doesn't, she'll throw a tantrum. Juline truly believes she's the boss of everything. She's completely unrespectful and usually embarrases others, with a satisfying smirk pulling up onto her lips. And the other side of Juline is persuading and convincing. She'll be an ally one second, a cruel and harsh enemy the next. She'll lure people into her traps, acting innocent and sweet, specifically around boys, being the girl she is. When really, the only thing she's planning is death. She can get as in depth into a relationship as possible, before her victim receives a knife in the torso. 


Juline is like your normal girl from District 9. She has chest-length, sunset-orange hair, which she usually tosses into a braid. She has light skin, a slim body and a little less than average build. Her slightly thick eyebrows are curved above her elegant, amethyst sparkling eyes. Freckles trail across her small nose and cheeks, and a glare is usually set upon her. She's definitely not anywhere near ugly. She's curvy, which appeals to many, which is one thing she uses to her advantage. Other than that, though, she wouldn't be any different.

Training ScoreEdit

398th Annual Hunger Games: 9





Trevor GoldTrinity MaceAvia StaffordLuigi WilkinsSombra CelestaScarlet AvalonBuck RockwellFiora WaltzZoey ProasheckOdin Amarth


Killed by: Aelia Freedome


The careers were upset she died as she was a strong member of the group. Fiora was particularly angry, as Juline played a special part in her plans to win the Games.


The 398th Hunger Games
Victor Buck Rockwell
Top 5 Solar EnergyAisha HakeemShuppet JorravaskrOdin Amarth
Top 12 Raven NightBanette TsukomogamiLuigi WilkinsFiora WaltzAelia FreedomeStephen StarCelica Rotas
Top 20 Johnathan MikealCrimson TyphoonNikki HeartRadiant TayzAngel OrthodoxDrago FireAmore MadnessLyman Milton
Top 28 Juline CeniaTrinity MaceTrevor GoldFurcifer SororAemillia WonderSombra CelestaZoey ProasheckAvia Stafford
Top 32 Cleopatra RoyaltyScarlet AvalonNick MaclachlanLucinda Kidd

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