A mentor is a Victor of a past Hunger Games who must train subsequent tributes from their district. There are no gender restraints; a male victor can train a female tribute and vice versa. There can be two male mentors or two female mentors, though usually there is one female and one male.

List of MentorsEdit

Victor District Status Hunger Games Age Strategy
Caspian Mahoney 3 Alive


18 TBA
Anais Morrisa 1 Alive


17 Anais made a small alliance with her sister and dominated the Games.
Buck Rockwell 6 Alive 398th 18 Buck joined with the Careers, and then defeated the others when the alliance broke apart.
Brick Stohess 2 Alive 397th 21 Joined the Careers. Defeated his two allies in combat when they were all that was left.
Glorydana DeRossa 7 Alive 396th 19 Hid herself for majority of the Games.
Marceline Strauss 6 Alive 395th 22 Joined with the Anti-Careers and stayed off the radar. Witnessed the Careers slaughter her friends before going into a furious rage and killing them all.
Axiom Jolt 3 Alive 394th 21 Made many traps that killed several tributes. Including a magnetic one that killed the odds on favourite.
Rubelia Rhynestone 1 Alive 393rd 25 Won with a mix of persuasion and combat prowess.
Copper Overdeen 1 Alive 392nd 26 He led the Careers with a commanding presence. Poisoned his allies on the final day and hunted down the other survivors.
Cordelia Pegasus 4 Alive 391st 26 Career tribute.
Caius Andromedus 4 Alive 390th 28 Joined the Career pack.
Joshua Florentine 8 Alive 389th 26 Used poison darts to great effect.
Chaz Robards 14 Alive 388th 30 He used intelligence and brute force to kill the other tributes.
Coal Irone 12 Alive 387th 28 Skilled with a knife and brutal force. He snapped the final tributes neck.
Bradley Hopper 10 Alive 386th 27 Tamed a horse early on and used it to his advantage.
Sybil Kaufman Capitol Alive 385th 33 Career tribute. Was an expert with throwing knives.
Reiner Bertholdt 13 Alive 384th 30 Skilled with axes and knives.
Maple Alpine 7 Alive 383rd 34 Joined an alliance with her lover and two others. One of her allies betrayed her, and killed the others. She spent the rest of the Games lurking in the shadows until the final day.
Velvet Sky 8 Alive 382nd 33 Went unnoticed for majority of the Games.
Mogul Nazzath 11 Alive 381st 35 Had exemplary spear skills.
Mason Madness 6 Alive 380th 39 Lured the last remaining Careers into a mutts den.
Novella Madness 6 Alive 379th 38 Used poison to sabotage other tributes.
Aleena Hoover 2 Deceased 378th 35 Career Tribute.
Kyle Hilliard 5 Alive 377th 36 Used his knowledge of urban environments to out-manuvere the opposition.
Major Noble 13 Alive 376th 40 Was an expert at hand-to-hand combat.
Sierra Myst 5 Deceased 375th 38 Was skilled with knives.
Nikolai Belarus 8 Deceased 374th 39 He was a very skilled swordsman.
Venus Aquarius 0 Alive 373rd 39 Out ran a wave of molten lava.
Justice Reigns 12 Alive 372nd 41 Avoided fighting at all costs. His final opponent fell through cracked ice, into a freezing lake.
Sera Guarana 14 Alive 371st 41 Had masterful bow and arrow skills.
Danny Delgado 12 Alive 372nd 44 Camouflage skills and expert knife throwing skills.
Perkin Kaliningrad 2 Alive 370th 46 Career Tribute.
Quinton Culpeper 3 Alive 369th 46 Used several different types of electrical weapons to slay his opposition.
Enola Edgewood 7 Deceased 368th 44 Was an expert with an axe.

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