Nicolò Ambrosini
General Information
Age 16
Home Detroit, Michigan
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Knife, Brass Knuckles
Fate Alive
Appearences The White Games

Nicolò "Nic" Ambrosini was a male Challenger that competed in The White Games. He hailed from the United States. Overall he placed 17th out of 24.

Early LifeEdit

Nicolò Ambrosini was a member of the mafia since birth. His father, Pietro Ambrosini, was a high-ranking individual who also worked as a gigolo. He produced Nic after a mishap regarding one of his clients, who demanded he tended to the child. Pietro, always wanting a child of his one, agreed to her terms and decided to take Nic under his own wing. Pietro worked under a certain branch located within Detroit. Their gang regularly sold illegal weaponry under an untraceable pseudonym and also invested in an underground bordello. Nic, who never knew his mother's name, grew to be an advanced marksman, with an impressive eye.

He generally got along with the other gangsters, and was even sometimes involved in their "little activities" - which usually comprised of quickies, drug dealing, and even the rare shootout - by the time he was 15. A year afterwards, however, a large amount of members were murdered after a set-up arranged by undercover agents. One of the victims included Pietro.

Nic was devastated and grew bitter, becoming more violent and unpredictable. He nearly went ahead and tried to find out where the officer who killed his father lived, though he was held back by a massive man named Umberto, who had escaped during the chaos. Ultimately, however, he went against the wishes and sought out the man who killed his father. 


Nic was a crude and crass individual who gives little concern to anyone or anything that won't affect him outright. He was headstrong and rash, obstinate as well. When his path waas obstructed, he almost always attempted to destroy whatever dared to get in his way. Furthermore, he was known to hold a grudge. Piss him off and he wouldn't hesitate to blast your head into seven different shades of red. He was capable enough to use at least some forethought, though his insatiable desire to raze crap down usually overwhelmed him. He liked to believe he was unbeatable and unchallenged, though in reality, he was afraid of meeting someone able to end his life.


Nic had brown hair that was slicked back, olive skin, and green eyes. He had an athletic form with a surprising muscular build. He was known for his crooked smile


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2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 4th --- --- ---


Nic was among the twenty-four teenagers choosen for The White Games.


Nero Shock


Chris Barnard, Felix Leonard, Justine Leonard, & Tristan Kaplan


Killed by: Haviana Greyson




  • Nic was the only one of the five to survive past the third day of the program
The White Games