Octavia Blake
Octavia Blake
General Information
Age 15
Home District 11
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Machete, Dagger
Fate Deceased
Appearences 399th Annual Hunger Games

Octavia Blake was the District 11 female from Lightstone123's 399th Annual Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Bellamy Blake. Overall she placed 24th out of 32 tributes. 

Personality Edit

Octavia is a very stubborn girl. Once she's made a decision, she sticks with it until there's no possible way it could happen. She loves those close to her and will do anything to protect them. She loves her brother, Bellamy and her boyfriend, Lincoln Murdoch. Octavia will do anything to protect her opinions and her family.


Octavia like her brother has brown hair and brown eyes. She is somewhat attractive.

Training ScoreEdit

399th Annual Hunger Games: 7


Prior to the start of the Games Octavia made an agreement with her brother that she would flee the cornucopia and wait for him to get supplies. She, however, did not go through with this promise and instead swam out for the cornucopia island. The bloodbath was nearing its end by the time she reached the shore. She was barely out of the water when Colin Bisset charged her with a sword, only surviving due to Bellamy's interference. Afterwards the two siblings fled the cornucopia with their supplies.

The two migrated to the east island, where they found a waterfall and spent the rest of the afternoon. On Day 2, the siblings went hunting and foraging. Octavia found some cerulean berries, which she believed to be edible. Unfortunately, they were in fact quite poisonous when consumed and Octavia wound up succumbing to the poison, dying in her brothers arms.




Bellamy Blake


Killed by: Poison Berries

Brother: Bellamy Blake


Bellamy was crushed by her death. He began to go a little crazy. Most other tributes did not really care, but Iris Pixel noted how devastated her brother must feel.


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