Onyx Eboni
Onyx Eboni
General Information
Age 12
Home District 2
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Spear, Scythe
Fate Deceased
Appearences 302nd Annual Hunger Games
Onyx Eboni was the District 2 female from LightStone123's 302nd Annual Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Drewsiff Bloodwonky. Overall she placed 20th out of 28.


Onyx is creepy and quiet, rarely speaking unless necessary. She is bloodthirsty and violent and is willing to do anything to win. She's untrustworthy.


Onyx is cute. Her cheeks are a bit chubby and she still has some of her baby fat around her stomach. She has shoulder-length ebony hair and her bangs cover one of her ice cold blue eyes, and her skin is very pale.

Training ScoreEdit

301st Annual Hunger Games: 9



Illegal Drugs


Topaz Grace, Raven Armor, Drewsiff Bloodwonky, Trident Bekke, & Swatty Lakeside


Killed by: Syren Song


Her two remaining allies, Raven and Swatty, were greatly upset at her death. The rest of the tributes were happy and relieved that she died as she was a Career and strong fighter.


  • Onyx made the first kill of the 302nd Annual Hunger Games
  • She was the youngest tribute from District 2 in the series
  • She was also the youngest volunteer from any District in the series
The 302nd Hunger Games
Victor Topaz Grace
Top 5 Wocky OakSwatty LakesideDome CitadelFreya Prada
Top 12 Bluffy SilvesteinCourage BlitzTrick TreatVarina TaporaCassandra OracionHunther HayesWillow Firethorn
Top 20 Kiara MitchellAeron AshkynRaven ArmorRasp SouthernTameo ArghusEllis BlackberrySyren SongOnyx Eboni
Top 28 Shimdt RaspberryVlad RockfordAvian MonteTrident BekkeDrewsiff BloodwonkyMina EbonyKnight CastleIllegal Drugs

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