Throughout the course of the series, there have been a total of 11 tributes who became runner-ups. The following list shows all of the runner-ups of LightStone123's games:

300thFlick Rivers (HungerGamesFanatic21)

301stDarker Horrfi (WiressFan21)

302nd: Wocky Oak (WiressFan21)

325th: Shade Spectrus (Mistfire333) & Galina Von Drover (Andy1854)

326th: Douglas "Doug" Biles (Aerialchinook)

327thCourage Blitz (Aerialchinook) & Rufus Silks (Hybrid Shadow)

398th: Solar Energy (TheFireJay)

399th: Ganta Alomo (WongPongSoup)

400thKaneki Urashi (WongPongSoup)

401st: TBA

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