Tate Lockewood
General Information
Age 18
Home District 2
Gender Male
Occupation Citizen
War Information
Weapon Sword, Hands
Affiliation Rebels
Position Unknown
Fate Alive
Appearances The War of the Hunger Games

Tate Lockewood is a citizen of District 2. He is a character in War of the Hunger Games.


Being raised as a farmhand, Tate was taught the qualities of one. He is very patient, respectful, and knows when it is or isn't his place to speak. But he also won't give in easy or back down. And being a musician, Tate is very creative and very much a free spirit. Often these two "personas" mix and create a wild fire of a determined, yet caring and charming country guy.


Blonde hair, Emerald green eyes, white skin, and a cowboy hat.

War StatusEdit

Allignment: Rebel-allied

Position: Possible member of Those Who Don't Exist

Actions: TBA


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