The White Games

Games Information
Started August 31st, 2015
Finished  September 6th, 2016
Winner Sami Bitar


The White Games are the first, and currently only, installment of an alternate series by LightStone123. The premise of these Games was fairly straightforward, although the story featured a multitude of twists throughout its course. The White Games would be taking place in the modern-day world. The challengers competing would be twenty-four ordinary people from the regular world between the ages of twelve and eighteen.

These teenagers had been kidnapped by unknown forces and deposited into an arena located in a mysterious and unknown location. Once there, they would be informed by a strange individual known only as "Mr. White" that they are now competing in his "games", a wicked, twisted competition where those involved would have to fight to death.


The White Games contained twenty four challengers from all around the world.

Gender Name Age Height Weapon Home Country
Male Jotaro Kujo 18 6'5 Fist, Mace Japan
Male Nero Shock 15 5'8 Electricity, Knives United States
Male Sami Bitar 15 5'7 Hatchet, Knife Syria
Male Chris Barnard 18 6'5 Bow & Arrow Switzerland
Male Tristan Kaplan 18 6'2 Switchblade, Fists United States
Male Felix Leonard 17 6'2 Trident, Spear Canada
Male Umbreon Martell 16 5'10 Fists, Knife United States
Male Nicolò Ambrosini 16 5'11 Knife, Brass Knuckles United States
Male Fausto Grandeur 17 6'0 Axe, Spear United States
Male Misha Castiel 16 5'6 Axe United States
Male Lucas Adin 18 5'10 Fists, Whip Turkey
Male Ali Ajmal 17 5'9 Bow, Spear Pakistan
Female Bree Richmond 15 5'7 Bow & Arrows United Kingdom
Female Anne Bellhope 17 5'8 Throwing Knives United States
Female Alana Salazar 16 5'4 Blowgun United States
Female Oreo Dutton 18 5'6 Knife United States
Female Killian Haberman 14 5'3 Katana, Dagger United States
Female Justine Leonard 17 5'10 Throwing Knife, Dagger Canada
Female Victoria Sinclair 18 5'9 Tomahawk United States
Female Clarice Barron 17 5'6 Mace United States
Female Nora Lemori 15 5'3 Knife United States
Female Haviana Greyson 15 5'7 Knife Australia
Female Imogen Sykes 15 5'5 Spear United States
Female Johanna Cisse 16 5'7 Spear, Blowgun South Africa


Game SummaryEdit

Death OrderEdit

Place Challenger Day Killed Killed By Killed From
24th Nora Lemori 1 Nero Shock Cracked Skull
23rd Ali Ajmal 2 Chris Barnard Sword in chest
22nd Nero Shock 3 Nic Ambrosini Knife in throat
21st Jotaro Kujo 3 Fausto Grandeur Trident in chest
20th Killian Haberman 4 Lucas Adin Blown Up
19th Fausto Grandeur 4 Clarice Barron Poisoned
18th Bree Richmond 4 Chris Barnard Arrow in chest
17th Nic Ambrosini 5 Haviana Greyson Slashed Throat
16th Haviana Greyson 5 Chris Barnard Arrow in eye
15th Felix Leonard 5 Umbreon Martell Knife in chest
14th Lucas Adin 5 Mr. White Blown Up
13th Johanna Cisse 5 Anne Bellhope Knife in skull
12th Justine Leonard 6 Umbreon Martell Knife in neck
11th Misha Castiel 6 Imogen Sykes Axe in skull
10th Tristan Kaplan 6 Sami Bitar Knife in back
9th Umbreon Martell 6 Dogs Teeth in neck
8th Chris Barnard 8 Clarice Barron Trident in abdomen
7th Imogen Sykes 8 Imogen Sykes Blown Up
6th Victoria Sinclair 8 Imogen Sykes Blown Up
5th Clarice Barron 8 Herself Mind Snapped
4th Anne Bellhope 8 Sami Bitar Blown Up
3rd Alana Salazar 8 Sami Bitar Knife in heart
2nd Oreo Dutton 8 Sami Bitar Knife in throat
1st Sami Bitar --- --- ---