Umbreon Martell
Umbreon Martell
General Information
Age 16
Home TBD
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Knife
Fate Deceased
Appearences The White Games

Umbreon Martell was a male Challenger that competed in The White Games. He hailed from the United States. Overall he placed 9th out of 24.

Early LifeEdit



Umbreon is a very quiet person. He seems weak at first sight, but he is a lot stronger than he appears to be. He can be very harsh to others, without meaning to. He doesn't mean this at all. He has spent most of his life on the streets and from that he sees the world no more than a place to survive.

When you get to know Umbreon, he will be a lot chattier. And by a lot I mean not that much. And he deosn't trust that many people. He could count on one hand the people that he trusts.




Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
12th 13th 17th 15th 12th 11th --- ---


Umbreon was among the twenty-four teenagers choosen for The White Games.


Felix Leonard, Justine Leonard


Tristan Kaplan


Killed by: Dogs




  • Umbreon killed both of the Leonard siblings during the Games
The White Games

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