Valencia Sonar
Valencia Sonar
General Information
Age 18
Home District 1
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Javelin, Whip
Fate Deceased
Appearences War of the Hunger Games, 401st Annual Hunger Games

Valencia Sonar was the District 1 female from LightStone123's 401st Annual Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Mercury Kwildor. Overall she placed 30th out of 32 tributes.


Valencia is a lively, ambitious and deadly girl. You can never wipe the grin off her face unless you piss her off. She usually has an optimistically psychopathic look on most things. For example, when forcing others to join the Career alliance, she can say, "If the plan goes wrong, we can always kill them." She's always happily evil—a cheery Career.

Pissing Valencia off will be a huge mistake. Her grin will be replaced with a look that most murderers have. Whether it's mentally, emotionally or physically hurting someone who wrongs her, she'll do it until they're sorry or dead. She can get angry if openly insulted, but the things Valencia hates the most are liars and unfaithfulness. She'll kill anyone who lied to her, or betrayed her in any way and they'll just become another charm on her bracelet. She respects some people who don't lie to her. In fact, in a Games, if her ally tells her that they'll be leaving, Valencia would let them go without any bloodshed.

She likes danger and loves adventure. She could be a great leader, but she's not bigheaded or narcissistic. She's afraid of little to nothing. She's never hurt, only offended. And if it annoys you to see her happy, she'll never get rid of her smug little grin.


With her average-length golden hair always in two ponytails and her constant grin, Valencia is easily recognisable. If she isn't, she'll make you recognise her. She has fair skin and grey eyes that remind you of a thunderstorm with lightning. She also has a look of determination on her at all times.

Although she's only 5'5", don't underestimate Valencia because she'll screw your life up. Her lean figure is extremely agile, and her fashion sense is always a mix of pretty and comfortable. It's always unpredictable of what she'll wear though.

Training ScoreEdit

401st Annual Hunger Games: 9


When the Games began, Valencia sprinted as fast as she could to the cornucopia. She picked up a javelin, then proceeded to defend the cornucopia, where she encountered Takeko Zhou. Valencia taunted the other girl, but was infuriated when Takeko would not react to the taunts. Enraged, Valencia attacked but was quickly defeated, her stomach being cut open with a sword. Valencia died from her wounds.




Aphrodite Lancaster, Mercury Kwildor, Silve Wisp, Harley Paramour, Pompeii Vulcan, Mario Firth, & Ash Vile


Killed By: Takeko Zhou


After the bloodbath ended, Silve noticed how they had lost two Careers, Valencia being one of them. He lamented her loss, thinking that she was a strong ally who would be missed.


  • Valencia was the first Career to die during the 401st Annual Hunger Games.
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