Throughout the series there have been a total of 15 victors. These are the victors from Lightstones123's game series.

300thEdmund Everton (SuperTomato)

301st: Marcio Redge (ViniciusDeAssis1999)

302ndTopaz Grace (Junior ii)

325thMissy Randos (MissRandomStuff)

         Mist Scorchil (Mistfire333)

         Hazel Dyer (Aerialchinook)

         Acheron Bane (Hybrid Shadow)

326th: Charce Firre (WiressFan21)

327th: Austin Aitken (Aerialchinook)

         Watt Chargy (WiressFan21)

         Soot Dustcloud (Mistfire333)

         Cassandra Oracion (PumPumPumpkin :3)

398th: Buck Rockwell (YourFavoriteSalmon) 

399thAnais Morrisa (Pippycat)

400thCaspian Mahoney (Enraptured Misfit)

401st: TBA


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