Vision Faith
Vision Faith
General Information
Age 16
Home District 3
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Knife
Fate Deceased
Appearences 325th Annual Hunger Games
Vision Faith was one of the District 3 females from LightStone123's 325th Annual Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Elecc CommissionChip Parks and Elecctronny Watson, Overall she placed 14th out of 56.


Vision is an enigmatic girl, with something constantly on her mind. She's alert, with a profound sense of hearing and smell, and is able to identify an animal just by judging from their footprints. Vision is most likely one of the smartest people in her district, but her curiosity and hyperness prevents the adults to take her seriously. She'll be constantly on the watch, listening carefully to each word you tell her. If see senses even the tiniest bit of suspicion in their voice, any trust she had before with the person will dissipate, like smoke in the air.


Vision has brunette hair, with her front bangs brushed back, while having two loose ones. She has a small stature and a frail frame, and her fingers are covered in bandages because of her constant tinkering. She's a cute young lass, and is very innocent-seeming, as she is. She has pale skin, thanks for the lack of sunlight in her urban, factory-filled district. She has sapphire blue eyes, that practically radiates with her behemoth-sized curiosity. She is very short, especially for her age, being a mere 4'11. While this makes people mistake her as a 12 year old, she certainly has the personality of one. She often has a grin of excitement on her face, as if she's anticipating what's going to happen next. 

Training ScoreEdit

325th Annual Hunger Games: 5





Elecctronny Watson, Chip Parks, Missy Randos, Seez Croppley


Killed by: Josool Wiranda





The 325th Hunger Games
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