Ziya Ashton
Ziya Ashton
General Information
Age 15
Home District 3
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Throwing knives, Warhammer
Fate Deceased
Appearences 400th Annual Hunger Games

Ziya Ashton was the new District 3 female from LightStone's 400th Annual Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Caspian Mahoney. She was joined by Courage Blitz and Annabeth March who were voted in by the Capitol. Noah Everest and Chip Parks also won a duel to compete once more. Overall she placed 69th out of 92 tributes


Ziya is hostile to most people and kind to very few people. She can come off as anti-social and tends to scare off most people, which is just the way she likes it. She doesn't want to scare people, but she has trouble getting close to people as she knows they will have to die eventually. In the games, Ziya has a "as long as it ain't me" strategy. She is willing to see anyone die, as long as it means she will go further into the competition.


Ziya has quite a frail-looking appearance, but that does not mean anything. She possesses a notable inner-strength, and is a very determined person. She has curly, flowing red hair and a cinnamon-colored sprinkle of freckles litters her face. Ziya is quite short, but her slim physique makes her able to dodge and evade attacks with ease.

Training ScoreEdit

400th Annual Hunger Games: 5


Ziya was sorted into the island bloodbath. She ran towards the Cornucopia and managed to snatch a backpack off the sand, but she was chased by Jake Locketback and forced to leave without obtaining any other supplies. She survived the bloodbath, but later that day, Ziya decided to make her way to the swamp. There, she spotted Watt Powers as he trudged across the mud. Raising the knife she obtained from the backpack, Ziya slowly made her way towards the boy. However, as she was approaching him, she noticed it was a trap, but it was already too late. As Ziya turned around to flee, Sebastian Hive jumped out of his hiding place and stabbed Ziya in the back with his machete, causing her to bleed out shortly after the attack.






Killed by: Sebastian Hive


Most tributes did not make any particular note on Ziya's death, as she pretended to be weak in a fairly convincing way prior to the Games. As she was a loner, she did not have allies to eventually mourn her death. 


  • Ziya was the first tribute to die after the bloodbath.
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